Book Design


ZIA's visual designers Martin Baaske and Thomas Weyres have created unique covers, illustrations, and book designs for various books written by ZIA members.


We think books should be judged by their covers. Finding the perfect match between the content of popular non-fiction and its packaging means capturing the core idea of a book in a visual concept – and being attuned to the demands of a highly competitive attention economy.

Gleaning the essence of the text by brainstorming with the authors, ZIA developed outstanding book covers that became instant classics. Some were so iconic that they have been copied several times since – though the copies never achieved the dazzling effect and the somewhat quirky character of the originals. We also came up with the concept of 10,000 individually stencil-sprayed covers, a novelty in the history of bookmaking as far as we know.


Cover design, illustrations, and in some cases layout for the following publications:

Holm Friebe / Sascha Lobo: Wir nennen es Arbeit – Die digitale Bohème oder Intelligentes Leben jenseits der Festanstellung (Heyne 2006)

Holm Friebe / Kathrin Passig: Das nächste große Ding (Verbrecher Verlag 2006 / Rowohlt 2007)

Holm Friebe / Sascha Lobo / Kathrin Passig / Aleks Scholz (eds.): Riesenmaschine – Das Beste aus dem brandneuen Universum (Heyne 2007)

Holm Friebe / Thomas Ramge: Marke Eigenbau – Der Aufstand der Massen gegen die Massenproduktion (Campus 2008)

Kathrin Passig / Aleks Scholz: Verirren – Eine Anleitung für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene (Rowohlt 2009).

Holm Friebe / Philipp Albers: Was Sie schon immer über 6 wissen wollten – Wie Zahlen wirken (Hanser 2011)