Creative.NRW, initiated by the Ministry of Economics of North Rhine-Westphalia, asked us to develop and conduct a scenario workshop exploring the future of the creative industries and the cultural sector in NRW.


One of North Rhine-Westphalia's primary strategies to strengthen the cultural and creative industries is to implement cluster management. Under the auspices of Creative.NRW, platforms and support structures have been established all over the state to stimulate new hotspots for the creative economy. In order to generate guidelines for strategic decisions we designed and moderated a one-day "scenario sprint" to come up with possible future developments of the creative sector in NRW. The outcome: four scenarios addressing different socio-economic challenges, plus possible and effective policy conclusions. Our graphics team visualized the scenarios with live drawings. The results of the workshop were published as Innovation Ecologies. Four Scenarios for the Creative Industries in NRW in 2020 by the Ministry of Economics of NRW.


We were in charge of the conceptual development, moderation, and documentation of the workshop and selected the expert participants.