Daimler Global Finance Meeting


Daimler's Finance & Controlling division hired ZIA to prepare and put on their annual internal summit for senior management, which had a thematic focus on current global trends and their impact on Daimler's business environment.


Led by Daimler's CFO, Dr. Bodo Uebber, the top 120 managers in Daimler’s Finance & Controlling division convene once a year for two days to discuss strategic issues and the challenges ahead of them. In 2011 we were the lead agency coordinating this meeting. Together with the Daimler Corporate Academy and a small team of Daimler executives, we developed the overall format, including its visual appearance and interactive features such as a live digital Q&A tool. Furthermore, we conducted a preparatory workshop to select the trends and topics to be discussed and prepared a reader for the participants.


We were in charge of the content and design of the 2011 summit as well as its production, including the design of the booths and the spatial setup. We invited expert speakers and moderated several workshops during the meeting. We also wrote and designed an in-depth reader (in English) that doubled as a workbook and conference guide. In 2012 we created the event's visual design, including a guidance system, and we facilitated the discussions with live visual recordings.