The Future of Mobile


Allianz AG commissioned us to conduct a co-creation workshop on "The Future of Mobile" at the NEXT12 innovation conference. We collaborated with Sylvie Reinhard (CEO of the Lift Conference).


In the age of collaborative consumption things and services are increasingly leased, accessed, and shared with others rather than being exclusively owned and used. Such an arrangement complicates issues of insurance and liability. At the same time, mobile computing offers new possibilities for innovative insurance services. During NEXT12 Allianz managers and a group of external experts and innovators probed this new field in a co-creation workshop. The workshop focused intently on exploring current trends and next-generation thinking on mobile. These insights were then translated into possible new business models and strategies.


Together with Sylvie Reinhard, ZIA developed the workshop's format, invited external experts, and moderated and documented the workshop.


Photos: Jan Bölsche,