On behalf of Berlin's cultural affairs department (Senate Chancellery – Cultural Affairs) and its Permanent Secretary for Cultural Affairs André Schmitz, we developed and conducted K2, a one-and-half-day multi-stakeholder dialogue on the future socio-economic challenges of Berlin's contemporary arts scene.


Over the past two decades Berlin has become an internationally acclaimed hub of contemporary art. At the same time, increasing rents and real estate prices as well as other structural shifts in the urban landscape – on top of a strained public budget – pose major obstacles to keeping Berlin's contemporary arts scene thriving. Berlin's Permanent Secretary for Cultural Affairs asked us to develop a dialogue format in which all relevant stakeholders could discuss and analyze the most pressing issues and develop innovative policy recommendations. Approximately one hundred leading figures of the Berlin arts scene – artists, curators, independent art projects, institutions, museums, galleries, and collectors – took part. In eight workshop groups the participants identified major challenges and proposed ideas, tools, and requisites for improved cultural policies.


In addition to developing the format and physical set-up, we also organized and moderated the event and carried out the live documentation.

Image "Constellation - The Berliner Art Scene in Five Years" by Christian Jankowski

An interactive artistic intervention titled "Constellation - The Berliner Art Scene in Five Years" was part of the event. Concept: Christian Jankowski, artist; Constellation Supervisor: Ralf Henn, psychotherapist; Photo: Jan Bölsche, blind-photographer.com.

Photos: Jan Bölsche, blind-photographer.com

Berlin's Permanent Secretary for Cultural Affairs André Schmitz

Moderator Silke Neumann of Bureau N

Moderator Elke Buhr of art magazine monopol