Powerpoint Karaoke


Powerpoint Karaoke is a show format that extends and revolutionizes the traditional and widely despised Powerpoint presentation. Participants are asked to lecture spontaneously on the slides of a randomly allocated presentation unknown to them beforehand.


Growing out of the Berlin Bunny Lectures, a monthly entertainment show, we invented Powerpoint Karaoke in 2006 as a form of protest against Powerpoint, a software with fatal consequences. Powerpoint brought bullshit vocabulary, clipart animation, and bulletpoint thinking into everyday life and has even been held responsible for a launch failure at NASA.

Powerpoint Karaoke highlights and critiques these effects through its simple but unique setup. We rummaged through the internet in advance, collecting available Powerpoint presentations on everything from "Innovative technology in chemical purification process" to "Factor of Success: Services for Dental Labs." Brave participants from the audience were then asked to try their luck on stage. An independent and incorruptible jury ensured that presentations didn’t get too dull and called the winner in the end. Powerpoint Karaoke has since spread all over the world and has not only been used for entertainment purposes but has also been appropriated as a management training tool and an improv theater game.

What the press has said:
Maulwurf-Pellets für Verwaltungsnerds (Holger Dambeck, Spiegel Online)
Ist Powerpoint Pop?, (Interview with Holm Friebe and the Supatopcheckerbunny, Sabrina Ebitsch, Berliner Zeitung)
Präsentiere, Menschen, Sensationen (Daniel Erk, jetzt.de)
Im Reich des Bullshit (Nina Apin, taz)


ZIA developed the basic format of the now global success and has presented it numerous times since its inception.


Powerpoint Karaoke participant and jury at the freaks, friends and players festival in Bremen, 2006.

Program sheet with choice of available presentations.