Riesenmaschine is a collaboratively operated award-winning blog that embraces the idea of progress and engages critically and humorously with social and technological trends. For years Riesenmaschine has been the main hub of our unconventional and collaborative future research.


An international network of authors tackles new developments and innovations that affect modern life, ranging from hyped consumer trends to emerging internet memes, from the latest in astrophysics to celebrating rodents, from the obvious to the obscure. According to the committee of the Grimme Preis – one of Germany's most respected media prizes – the texts published on Riesenmaschine count among the "most formidable and entertaining pieces to be found on the German-speaking Internet."


ZIA and its associates created the blog's platform and its conceptual and graphical design and are in charge of the editorial administration.


Riesenmaschine palimpsest T-shirts

Collection of banners that appeared on Riesenmaschine

Riesenmaschine's Altar of Everyday Life and praying interface.

Riesenmaschine's local print edition Berlinmaschine ran from 2006-2009 in the bi-weekly magazine tip Berlin.