From Sketch


From Sketch is a monthly webvideo format we developed for ARTE Creative, the interactive online network of French-German public-service broadcaster ARTE. In each episode of the series we invited an artist or member of the cultural industry to talk about his or her motivations, projects, or business models and to sketch them on paper simultaneously.


The main idea of From Sketch was to explore how the creative mind works. The minimalist setup focused solely on the artist and the graphic recording of the ideas he or she was narrating. We invited creative types from various backgrounds and disciplines to illustrate the ideas and stories they found worth sketching and commenting on. The five- to ten-minute episodes are not only highly entertaining but offer a unique opportunity to get inside the heads of leading figures of the international creative scene. Participants included Ayzit Bostan, Régine Debatty, Cory Doctorow, Harun Farocki, Rafael Horzon, Hannah Hurtzig, Ronen Kadushin, Robert Klanten, Dirk von Lowtzow, Modeselektor, Christoph Niemann, Ingo Niermann, Tex Rubinowitz, Ulrike Sterblich, Stereo Total, Christian Y. Schmidt, Erik Spiekermann, and Tonia Welter.


We developed the format and were responsible for all aspects of its production.

Régine Debatty of We make money not art
Tonia Welter of Betahaus
Writer Ingo Niermann
Fashion designer Ayzit Bostan
Illustrator Christoph Niemann
Designer Ronen Kadushin
Musician Dirk von Lowtzow of Tocotronic
Publisher Robert Klanten of Gestalten Verlag
Typographer Erik Spiekermann
Entrepreneur Rafael Horzon
Musicians Stereo Total
Musicians Modeselektor
Filmmaker Harun Farocki
Cartoonist Tex Rubinowitz