Slow Capitalism: The Slime Economy


We were invited by the Goethe-Institut New York to present Slow Capitalism: The Slime Economy, a weekend-long participatory festival playfully investigating the contradictions of a capitalism on speed and in perpetual crisis.


Capitalism, on speed, was on one long bender, a seemingly endless night of hardcore partying and excess. Now its coming down and has passed the cold-turkey reality on to us. Most of our economic certainties have been shattered. Is it time for a new, slow capitalism?

In a series of talks and performances we explored ideas for an economy on the slow, looking at new developments in design, co-working, digital collaboration, and DIY cultures. But Slow Capitalism is not simply about deceleration. Rather it tries to make different, productive uses of the increasing compression of time in a globally networked society. We looked at the conditions and consequences of today’s total temporal mobilization and experimented with various counterstrategies. The temporary derivative currency of slime served as a symbolic nexus, marking the reentry of portable power from the sphere of the virtual into a more viscous reality. In a temporary work camp we hired and paid people for jobs not normally not merited with any economic value, such as napping, reading, enjoying a conversation over a cup of coffee, or playing the classic video game Pong.


We developed, designed, organized, produced, and moderated the festival.