In cooperation with their IT services division and the Douglas Holding Academy, we produce a series of top management meetings on digital trends and future technologies for the retailer DOUGLAS Group.


The shift towards digitalization and online commerce has disrupted the traditional retail industry on various levels. To advance strategic thinking on these issues we conduct a series of events for the top management of the DOUGLAS Group; the goal is to foster a better understanding of future changes in society, technology, and trade. The two-day meetings consist of inputs by external experts and intense scenario workshops, which use frameworks, visualization techniques, prototyping, and storytelling to explore trends and their impacts and to formulate resilient strategies to cope with them. An essential part of each technologieSALON is the on-site live production of a reader documenting the results.


We develop, design, moderate, and live-document the meeting series.


All photos: Thorsten Arendt