txtr is a German startup for e-book retailing and reading apps. We used our expertise in brand development to position txtr's e-book reader within a highly competitive market.


txtr created an integrated online platform for distributing and reading e-books and other electronic texts. Planning to enter the relatively new and fast-developing market for e-book readers with a device of their own, txtr asked us to help position their product most effectively. We researched and analyzed the competitors in the market and identified various types of consumers and their needs. Building on these market insights and use cases, we created a strategic framework for finding the txtr reader's most promising positioning. In a series of workshops with the client and their lead agency Realgestalt we helped define the brand's key values.


We supported txtr with market analysis, strategic consulting, and the formulation of a brand manifesto, and we also executed a workshop series to those ends.


txtr-logo by Realgestalt