Warum Lernen glücklich macht


On behalf of Bertelsmann Foundation, the largest privately operating non-profit organization in Germany and major holder in the Bertelsmann AG, we conceptually developed and edited a book focused on the benefits of lifelong learning.


The edited volume Warum Lernen glücklich macht (Why Learning Makes You Happy) explores the challenges of and opportunities in lifelong learning. In their contributions the authors address the personal and social aspects of continual learning, including education, employability, and the demands of an ever-changing job market. The book is organized around four dimensions: learning to know, learning to act, learning to live together, and learning to live a fulfilling life. The essays are accompanied by expert interviews. Contributors include Gundula Englisch, Holm Friebe, Kathrin Passig, Cord Riechelmann, André Schleiter, Ulrich Schoof, and Johannes Wiek.


ZIA's tasks included developing the book’s concept, selecting the authors, conducting interviews with experts, editing, and compilation. We were not responsible for the graphic design.